NaturalGUI for NaturalDocs

NaturalGUI provides an easy to use front end for the NaturalDocs command line language documenting program for any system capable of running Java.
Please note, this page is temporary, and looks discusting!


Windows Users

Please download the file here: Download Windows Version Here

To run, simply extract the contents of the zip to the same directory as NaturalDocs, and double click "NaturalGUI.exe".

All other users

Please download the zipped up .jar file here: Download JAR Here

To run: If your system has a JRE installed you may be able to simply executre the JAR, if not, please use the following on the command line:

java -cp NaturalGUI.jar

If anyone wants to write an Apple or other shell script, please feel free to email me :)

Source code (inc Eclipse project files):

Download Source Here